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Radio Normandy on the dial ...
(according various sources)

Wireless Set "Ducretet" Year 1932


Dates Wavelengths Fréquencies Power Stations Language Transmitters sites


200 m 1 500 kHz 20 W EF8IC french Villa Vincelli - Fecamp


212 m  1 415 kHz 100 W Radio Fecamp french Villa Vincelli - Fecamp

 test 29.06.1931
to 1.00 AM

246 m  1 220 kHz 500 W Test IBC (for England) english Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 24.01.1932

246 m 1 220 kHz 500 W Radio Fecamp french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 4.06.1932

246 m 1 220 kHz 10 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 1.04.1933

223 m  1 345 kHz 10 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 20.01.1934

226 m  1 327 kHz 20 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 3.02.1934

200 m 1 500 kHz 20 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 13.04.1935

206 m  1 456 kHz 20 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 17.03.1938

269,5 m 1 113 kHz 25 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 11.12.1938

212,6 m  1 411 kHz 20 kW Radio Normandie french
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

to 7.09.1939

274 m  1 095 kHz 20 kW Radio Normandie french

end of 09.1939
to 03.01.1940

212,6 m  1 411 kHz 20 kW Radio International english
Sente de la Fromagerie Fecamp

early 1941
to Aug 1944 (?)

274 m 1 095 kHz 25 kW
(60 kW ?)
Relay of Radio Paris
(Propaganda Abteilung)

March 1952 (?)
to 30.09.197

214 m 1 403 kHz
20 kW
+ 5 kW
(spare transmitter)
Relay for Chaîne Parisienne
RTF Paris Inter
ORTF Inter Variétés
+ local programme
France Culture - France Inter
french Louvetot

*  To relay "Radio Paris" broadcasts, the Germans would have installed a 60 kW transmitter at Louvetot Site. But this is not confirmed...




Much more documents ...

The English government puts it pressure on France:
a law against Radio-Normandy in preparation?

Read in
"The Wireless World"  ...

January 6th 1938 :


The position in France

Despite continuous representations, through the Brussels Checking Post, from the stations on whose wavelengths Radio-Normandie, Radio-Mediterranée and Radio-37 (Paris) are working, the situation remains unchanged.
Radio Normandie (15 kW) which has been operating on Moravska-Ostrava's wavelength of 269.5 metres, will fell a draught when the new Prague No. 2 high-powered transmitter at Melnik starts radiating on that wavelength on January 15th. Moravska-Ostrava is vacating this frequency for the present Prague No. 2 wavelength of 249.2 metres.
For nearly two years Radio Mediterranée has been using the wavelength of 235.1 metres allotted to Bulgaria and Norway, whilst Radio-37's continued use since October, 1937, of Bucharest's wavelength has caused protests from Romania.

Limiting Power

There are many more stations which operate on frequencies other than those allotted to them in the Lucerne Plan, but they cannot be remonstrated with as they were not signatories to the plan. This is, however, not the case with the three stations mentioned, for France was a signatory, and the Minister of Postes and Telegraphes is responsible for the international agreements of all French stations.
A correspondent of The Times reports that the French Government will shortly introduce a Bill forbidding private wireless stations, transmitting in English, to exceed a certain limit of power, or to use a wavelength not in accordance with the international broadcasting convention. This action is the result of strong representations by the British Government against the erection by the owners of Radio-Normandie of the 100 kW station at Louvetot, about half-way between Rouen and Le Havre.
The station, which has not yet been brought into use, was described in the Wireless World a few months ago.

March 17th 1938 - Changing Wavelength to 212,6 metres

Read in "The Wireless World" on March 17th, 1938...


As might well have been expected by those who have noticed the interference with Radio Normandie's transmissions since the starting-up of Prague's high-powered station on the same wavelength, Radio Normandie has made a change of frequency. It is now to be heard on 212.6 metres (1.411 kc/s), which wavelength, incidently, according to the Lucerne Plan, is allocated to Romania and Portugal as a national common wavelength.

August 11th 1944 -  A plane is crushed at Louvetot...

Horrors of the war read in the local press :

The antenna of Radio Normandy deserved Fatherland well

On August 11th 1944, at midnight, a large German twin-engined plane which returned from a raid on England, touched the pylon. The violence of the shock disabled it and it went to be crushed in a farmyard, igniting the back of the cows and the trees. The members of the crew were carbonized and their remainders nourished the pigs. The enemy who occupied the station thought that it was about an English plane but their joy stupor succeeded when they understood that it was a German plane.