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 Photos from the newspaper
"Le Courrier Cauchois"
(September 1997) taken by
M. Jean Lenormand

an engineer in Louvetot



In August 1944, the Germans, who had bricked up the windows of the central building because of air raids by the RAF, set the building alight, including the roof. Note the feeder emerging from the debris... 

Louvetot incendié et base du pylône à terre

The pylon on the ground: showing the china base that acted as the insulator. The Germans placed a mine on one of the three guide wires. 

pylône détruit par les nazis

The team of technicians (from l. to r.):

Joseph Bouffay, gardener,
Jean Lenormand, engineer,
Mr. Le Deunf, the station manager of Louvetot,
Mr. Michel, engineer,
Joseph Malandain, engineer,
and Rémi Picard, engineer.

The last four worked in Fécamp for Radio Normandy. Mr. Le Deunf made his first tests in 1925 in Contremoulins for Radio Fécamp. Mr. Picard had been appointed in 1937 and Mr. Malandain in 1933 to Radio Normandy. Mr. Lenormand continued his work after the war in Louvetot (which became a relay station). Mr. Michel, was also a guard and organised station visits on Sundays.

On April 14, 1999 : Mr. Jean Lenormand
interviewed in a showroom about the
radio in Normandy.
Photography is taken on local TV News >>


Techniciens de Louvetot