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The new Transmitter Centre (Part 2)
Louvetot in 1938

In the powerhouse on the left, the generators give out 15,000 volts. There are also two alternators powered by diesel engines 220 CV. In the main building on the ground floor, there are generators and steam-powered mercury rectifiers, filters, water pumps and a workshop;
On the First floor, there accumulators, transmitter and an emergency studio. On the second floor, lodgings for technicians and on the right, an apartment for the station manager. In the turret is the manager’s office and above it is a water tank, which provides the cooling system for the transmitter valves, from the lake in the middle of the estate and tanks in the basement.

From l. to r.: The entrance and the guard's house,
the powerhouse, the transmitter building, and a dwelling.

Below, t
he Louvetot Blow- Knox mast 170 ms, in 1938,
fed by three cables.
The first transmissions started
here on december 12th 1938

carte environs Louvetot et Caudebec

On this old "Michelin" map, Louvetot (Seine Maritime)
is situated at 6 km of Caudebec in the heart of the Normandy
and... centre of the world of radio! 

The transmitter output cable, going from the left hand rear of the building, up to the foot of the pylon. A concrete frame supports the "feeder", a copper covered china tube.  
The transmitter gives 25 kW power. 


The village of Louvetot (20 kms south from Fecamp) and the old transmitter site seen in 2006.
Unfortunately, there is no more aerial mast but some trees in the middle of the lawn.


Below, are the shareholders of the Society Broadcasts of Radio Normandy in the new station of Louvetot. 
In the middle of the second row, we can see Mr Le Grand, founder of the station, the man with a grey hat

One share of the "Société des Emissions Radio Normandie"
with the chairman's signature "Fernand Le Grand", Radio Normandy's fondator

recepisse de depot d'actionsradioclub caen

Visitors from the association of listeners of Caen,
at the foot of the impressive staircase of Benedictine of Fécamp. Mr. Le Grand is in the centre of the picture.