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Fecamp home of Radio Normandy

Following are some aerial views of Fecamp and its port. In front of the Palais de la Benedictine (1) we can see the house "Vincelli-la-Grandière" (2) , where the adventure started with the first experimental broadcasts of Radio Fécamp. Thanks to the famous distillery which Mr Le Grand was the owner, thanks to his hobby, the "wireless", the name of Fecamp resounded 80 years ago in Europe, the United States, Japan, anywhere in the world. For thousands of listeners, from 1926 to 1939, Fecamp equaled the prestigious names of Droitwich, Daventry, Luxembourg, Hilversum, Sottens ...

   It's sad ! The city of Fecamp forgets its past!  
On the net, the official web site of the city ignore - knowingly? - the glorious period of Radio Fecamp and Radio Normandy. So, it is not amazing that young and old citizens know nothing about the history of their city, according to a BBC Radio 4 documentary (see page 1 "Sound extracts" :  The First Pirate) - featuring Leonard F. Plugge, the director of Radio Normandy English broadcasts).

The houses
(3)  (4), Georges Cuvier street became studios when Radio Normandy was growing.



Vincelli-la-Grandière, Fernand Le Grand's residence is now an art gallery.
(Drawing of Burel)

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Palais de la Bénédictine Vincelli la Grandière Windows of the Great Lounge

Vincelli garden side Vincelli in Theagene Boufart street Main entrance